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Oral Arguments of the Supreme Court of Virginia

Nov 30, 2019

This podcast is provided by Ben Glass and Steve Emmert -


Granted Appeal Summary



MICHELLE DAWN YODER v. COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA (Record Number 190047) From The Court of Appeals of Virginia.



Eric M. Anderson (Office of the Public Defender) for appellant. Rachel L. Yates (Office of the Attorney General) for appellee.


Assignments of Error


  1. The Court of Appeals erred in affirming the conviction because the evidence was insufficient to prove notice of a continuing revocation beyond a reasonable doubt.


  1. The Court of Appeals erred in failing to rule on the applicability of the holding in Barden v. Commonwealth, 64 Va. App. 700, 771 S.E.2d 699 (2015) to the revocation (rather than suspension) of a driver’s license.



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