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Oral Arguments of the Supreme Court of Virginia

May 19, 2019

This podcast is provided by Ben Glass and Steve Emmert -


Upon an appeal from a judgment rendered by the Court of Appeals of Virginia.


Upon consideration of the record, briefs, and argument of counsel, the Court is of the opinion that there is no error in the judgment of the Court of Appeals.


Juan Amarndo Candelaria appeals from a judgment of the Court of Appeals affirming his convictions of arson of personal property and conspiracy to commit arson in violation of Code §§ 18.2-81 and 18.2-22. Candelaria v. Commonwealth, Record No. 0470-17-4,2018 WL 2204480 (Va. Ct. App. May 15, 2018) (unpublished). In its judgment, the Court of Appeals assumed without deciding that the circuit court erred in admitting certain hearsay evidence but held that any errors constituted harmless error. Candelaria asserts here that without the hearsay evidence, the evidence of his guilt was not overwhelming and, therefore, the Court of Appeals erred in finding the admission of such hearsay evidence was harmless error...

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